Random # 227: Lotus Europa S2

This immaculate Lotus Europa is the stuff of fantasies for petrol-heads born in the 1960s and '70s!  Whilst UMPH can remember them from car mags of the time and the Superwheels (or Corgi, perhaps?) toys of that era, it was a long, long time before he ever saw one for real.

The car shown here - a Series 2 (abbreviated to S2) - is one of at least two in southern Tasmania, the other being an equally superb Special in black and gold livery that arrived in the state a few years ago.  There's also an Elan, Excel and Eclat known to UMPH, a couple of Esprits, plus several newer Lotuses gracing our roads, too. 

Fans of the the Lotus marque - or of almost any manufacturer, for that matter - can find further examples elsewhere on this 'blog.  Just use the search facility in the top right of screen to find them.



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