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Readers' Photos # 4: Triumph Spitfire

Thanks to Tasmanian architect Mark Drury, FSB, for the photos of this Western Australian registered Triumph Spitfire, photographed in Bathurst Street, Hobart, one summer's evening.

It's a later version - a Mk IV - taking some styling cues from the Michelottidesigned Stag, which is especially evident in profile and around the car's rear.

UMPH has information from a credible source that the owner drove it to Tasmania a couple of years ago from Perth, Western Australia, a trip of just over 4,000 kilometres that included crossing the Nullabor Desert and spanned four Australian states.

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Bonus Material # 2: Lancia Flavia 1.8

Like the magnificent 48-215, or 'FX,' Holden featured in Bonus Material # 1 (, this elegant Lancia Flavia was not part of the 2017 Richmond village green car show but was found parked nearby, its owners presumably being having lured in to see the main event.

The Holdenand this Lancia weren't the only classics to be seen outside the official car show; there was also a very tidy Fiat 130 coupe, the UMPH X1/9, a scattering of MGs and a few 60s and 70s Fords, too.

Stylistically, the Flavia isn't a million miles away from Fiat's 2300 S coupe shown in

This particular car was wearing Victorian club registration plates, suggesting th…

Bonus Material # 1: 48-215 ("FX") Holden

A car show like January, 2017's, gathering of classics on the Richmond village green, some 35 minutes' drive from Hobart, Tasmania, was always going to attract some interesting vehicles.  

However, not all of them were in the show.

Take, for example, this ripper 48-215 Holden or, as it's become more commonly known, an FX.

It was found parked near to, but not an official part of, the main event - bonus material, if you will.

The FX was the Holden model that preceded the FJ (please see;postID=4241772447671242173;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=42;src=postname for an example).

This particular car appears to have been campaigned in local motor sports events, with the blue triangle visible on the passengers' side rear panel being a mandated safety feature to indicate the location of its battery (it would normally be under the bonnet).

The meaty side exhaust and the mag wheels su…

Richmond Classic Car Show: Sunday, 22nd of January, 2017

When somebody like former owner of Hobart's Performance Automobiles turned vineyard operator John Pooley organises a car show, you can bet it's going to be an impressive affair!

Performance is one of southern Tasmania's largest dealerships, selling new Subaru, Volvo, Peugeot, Mercedes and Porsche vehicles but it's arguably the latter marque for which the business is best known. 

It should therefore be no surprise to Hobartians that Porsche was well represented at John's inaugural car show on Richmond's village green in January, 2017, given his close connection with the German sports car maker.

His choice of venue - the historic village of Richmond, famed for its convict-era sandstone buildings and home to the oldest bridge still in use in Australia - is where he and his family operate Pooley Wines (

Richmond is only twenty five kilometres, or 30 minutes' drive, from Tasmania's capital city of Hobart and, along with Pooley Wines, feat…