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Random # 21: Ford Capri

Is this circa-1992 Ford Capri a classic car?  UMPH is going to jump right in with a resounding yes!  Why?  Arguments about the wisdom of having recycled one of Ford's greatest ever British-made car's names aside, this Mazda 323 / Ford Laser-based rag-top is now more than twenty years old.  

Their age alone therefore goes some way to establishing Aussie-built Capris' classic status.  However, that's not all there is to these occasionally maligned convertibles; despite suffering in comparison to Mazda's MX5, they were in fact a very nicely styled package making use of a well-sorted mechanical platform. 

It's a pity that the reputation of some of the earlier examples - prone to roof leaks, in particular - carried on to later versions, even though those problems were remedied.  Their 1989 release was unfortunate, too, pitting them and their front-wheel drive configuration against the rear-wheel drive MX5 that also debuted that same year.     

UMPH has driven two Capri…

Targa Tasmania: Longley Stage, Saturday the 16th of April, 2016

Please enjoy a few of UMPH's photos from the Longley stage of Targa Tasmania's 25th anniversary event.