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Classic Car Run, Thursday the 15th of October, 2015

It's not often that UMPH gets a day off mid-week, so he was really pleased that a rare work-free Thursday coincided with the Classic Car Run that departs from the Rivulet Cafe`, Anglesea Street, South Hobart, once a month.  He was also quite surprised to see that the majority of participants were not regulars at Classics by the Beach, which just goes to show how diverse and vibrant the car scene is in Hobart. 

Participants apparently usually gather at the cafe` from around 10:00 am for coffee, before heading off on a bit of a country jaunt and a spot of lunch.  This month's affair saw about twenty cars - lots of magnificent MGs, an immaculate Stag, a couple of Porches, a BMW Z3, two or three MX5s, a remarkable 2 litre Bristol, a stately Roller, and UMPH's trusty Galant - heading north on the Brooker, up to Molesworth, down to New Norfolk and back via the Boyer side of the River Derwent to their final destination - lunch at the Claremont Golf Club. 

The drive to Molesworth is…