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Lunch at Stefano Lubiana, Granton

Stefano Lubiana's wines ( have forged an excellent reputation within Tasmania and the rest of Australia over the last twenty five years, so it was with great anticipation that the UMPHs headed to the company's winery and recently opened osteria - located in  Rowbottoms Road, Granton, twenty minutes' north of Hobart - for a lazy Sunday lunch.  Adding another degree of expectation was the fact that on the previous few times they had tried to get a table, the place had been booked solid.

For those of you who don't know what an osteria is, the uninitiated's best friends at Wikipedia advise that it's an Italian place serving wine and simple food.  (Google and Wiki to UMPH's rescue again!)  

So far, so good:  Lubiana's osteria, overlooking the River Derwent upstream of the Bridgewater Bridge, oozes Mediterranean style.  It also serves wine.  Very good wine indeed!  And simple food, too.