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Classics by The Beach, 05 July 2015

July's Classics was particularly well attended, especially given that it wasn't the nicest of days, with a sharpish breeze off the River Derwent and not a lot of sun.  It struck UMPH that there was a bit of an Anglo-bent to the assembled cars, although it was far from an all-British affair.

The first two cars to take UMPH's eye were these great looking Sprites.  The quality of the restoration of the one on the left - a II or a II/A - was superb, with deep, glossy red paint and excellent attention to detail.  The green III/A on the right was fabulously straight and rust-free.  Its owner, John, told UMPH that he drove it regularly and that it was a reliable, fun car to own.

This MGA was also in beautiful condition, with gleaming paint and a very tidy interior. UMPH doesn't know anything about the car, having never seen it before, but he does hope to see more of it around Hobart. 

The 3.5 litre Jag featured above was a thing of rare presence and beauty.  One could imagine Ph…