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Eating Out: The Wharf, Bicheno

Don't be fooled by the unassuming facade of Bicheno's The Wharf fish and chippery ( on Tasmania's east coast, approximately two and a half hours' drive from the island state's capital city, Hobart.  Located in The Gulch, a narrow stretch of water protected from the Tasman Sea by Governor Island, The Wharf is one of those magically evolved places that has grown from local business Tasmanian Coastal Seafoods and has taken on an atmosphere that a hundred hipsters, intent on designing the very best of authentic experiences, could not possibly hope to conjure up. 

Like the revered Dunalley Fish Market in Tasmania's south-east (, The Wharf is simply an addition to an already successful seafood marketing business.  The fish and chip side of the enterprise, housed in a large, almost industrial-looking shed at the rear of the premises, on an adjoining deck a…

Random # 221: FX Holden Ute

This striking FX Holden ute was just perfect, combining old-school styling with contemporary upgrades.  The bright orange duco was magnificent, the matching hard-top tray cover was a nice touch and the alloy wheels complemented the look very well indeed.  The HQ-HZ ute / van / wagon taillights were the only ostensible change to the actual panel work but were done so well that they worked aesthetically, too. 

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Mission Improbable: Wartburg Goliaths, x 2

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to save these two critically endangered Wartburgs from certain rusty death.*

Each one appears to be salvageable, notwithstanding that they're fairly weathered, but may at least provide some much sought-after parts if deemed too far gone to restore as whole cars. 

Wartburgs are an all but unknown marque within Australia but do have a following in Europe and, more especially, in Germany where they were manufactured.

They're both located at New Norfolk, about 35 minutes' drive from Hobart, the capital city of Australia's island state of Tasmania.  

UMPH has no financial or other interest at all in their sale; he is simply a classic car nutter who would rather see these two unusual cars salvaged or at least know their parts were being put to good use, instead of them just rotting into the ground.  

If you require further details of the cars' location, please leave a comment (below).