Eating Out: The Wharf, Bicheno

The Galant parked outside the unassuming-looking The Wharf, home of some of Tasmania's best seafood.

Don't be fooled by the unassuming facade of Bicheno's The Wharf fish and chippery ( on Tasmania's east coast, approximately two and a half hours' drive from the island state's capital city, Hobart.  Located in The Gulch, a narrow stretch of water protected from the Tasman Sea by Governor Island, The Wharf is one of those magically evolved places that has grown from local business Tasmanian Coastal Seafoods and has taken on an atmosphere that a hundred hipsters, intent on designing the very best of authentic experiences, could not possibly hope to conjure up.     

Take-aways at the front; dining to the rear.

Like the revered Dunalley Fish Market in Tasmania's south-east (, The Wharf is simply an addition to an already successful seafood marketing business.  The fish and chip side of the enterprise, housed in a large, almost industrial-looking shed at the rear of the premises, on an adjoining deck and in a sheltered outdoor area, provides a magnificent view of The Gulch and a number of commercial fishing boats tied up in the lee of Governor Island.  

The deck and outdoor area, with the main dining area at the rear.

The servery, all-important bar and espresso are housed in the lean-to at the centre of shot.

The shed would no doubt be a very cosy spot during wild weather and a great spot to watch waves crashing over the island, having been fitted with high windows along the full width of the side that faces the sea.  With some of the best-cooked seafood you could hope for, as well as beers and wines, and an espresso machine, it would be hard to imagine a better place to dine in good weather or bad!  

Simply cooked and generous seafood perfection: the fisherman's basket.

Above and below: the view from the deck towards Governor Island.

Above and below: this is what greets you when you head around the back of The Wharf.

So why not take a drive up the coast for a fish 'n' chip lunch or, if you've got time for an over-nighter, dinner?  The trip itself is superb - being, as it is, part of the Great Eastern Drive  ( - featuring spectacular scenery and gorgeously winding country roads while the seafood and atmosphere would be hard to beat anywhere!  



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