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Readers' Photos # 2: Nick's Beasts

These three photos chart Nick's rise from 1980s boy-racer to to the pillar of society that he's become.  
Betcha wish you hadn't sold the GT, eh, Nick! 

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Photos from / by Nick.

Random # 83: Valiant sedan

This lovely 1960s Valiant sedan was photographed in Argyle Street, North Hobart, one fine spring morning.  It looks to be straight as a die, the chrome and paint are in really good nick, and the interior is clean and tidy, too.  It appears to be an earlier model than the Regal station wagon featured in;postID=1753458892522698749;onPublishedMenu=overview;onClosedMenu=overview;postNum=5;src=postname.   


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Classics by the Beach: Sunday the 4th of December, 2016

The first summer Classics by the Beach for 2016 / 2017 was particularly well patronised, with a vast array of wonderful cars present.  All the regulars were there, of course, plus more than a few that were new to the event.

Take, for example, this very stylish early 70s Datsun 240K, as it was called in Australia.  It was known as a Skyline in other markets - a name that wouldn't be introduced here until the squarer version of the late 70s was released.    

It's clear that the owner has an eye to the car's history, as he's fitted it with classic forward mounted mirrors (they were always placed towards the front of the driver's door on Aussie versions) and he's added Skyline GT badges to the rear side panels, too.  The whole effect is very Japanese and very 1970s.   

The wheels appear to be from a later Skyline and they've been shod with natty white-wall tyres.  It's also been fitted with a boot-mounted chrome rack, and the roof has been painted black - poss…