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Random # 79: XT Fairmont

The fabulous Ford XT Fairmont sedan featured in the following photos is one model designation newer, and one specification level up from, the XR Falcon featured in;postID=814036798442617427;onPublishedMenu=overview;onClosedMenu=overview;postNum=14;src=postname.  The differences were largely cosmetic, however, with minor changes to the newer version's tail lights and grille being the most obvious updates.  Although they might be considered spartan by today's standards, the Fairmont range had bucket seats, carpet, a faux wood-grain dash and a few other 'luxury' features above those of the humbler Falcon on which it was based.  Fairmonts were also fitted with front disc brakes. 

This particular example, photographed outside a Hobart panel beater's workshop, was in excellent condition with a glossy, rich paint job, unblemished chrome and a very neat interior.  It looked to be completely unmo…

Random # 78: VW Type 3 Station Wagon

Another Volksie.  Another survivor.  This special interest registered Type 3 wagon was spotted just off the main North Hobart restaurant strip, a short way up from the uber fashionable - and very fine - Room for a Pony cafe / bar. 

Like a lot of vehicles featured in UMPH posts, it's not exactly immaculate.  It is, however, straight and clean, with only minor rust and a broken indicator lens detracting from its overall condition.  Not bad at all for a car that looks like it does fairly regular duty as a general carry-all. 


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Random # 77: Mid-80s Lotus Excel

There are at least two cars to bear the Excel nameplate.  However, one of them - the cheap 'n' cheerful Hyundai Excel - is unlikely to ever be regarded as a classic car. 

That leaves us the subject of today's post:  the Lotus Excel.  Found in one of UMPH's favourite hunting grounds, North Hobart's Elizabeth Street restaurant strip, this particular version looked great with its low slung body and 1980s wedge-profile.

The DN prefix rego suggests that the car has been in Tasmania for thirty-odd years or so but this is the first time that it's come to UMPH's attention.  That's not to say that it's not a Hobart-based car.  However, given our capital city's relatively small population, the likelihood is that it would be a more common sight in and around town if it were from the south.

Unlike a lot of other Lotuses, which feature a mid-engine / rear wheel drive configuration, the Excel clearly has the motor in the front and drives through its rear wheels.…