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The Day We Went to Bangor

UMPH has been looking forward to a day trip to Dunalley's newest eatery for months now, and not just because he's been itching to use the corny title The Day We Went to Bangor!Everything that he's heard about the Bangor Wine and Oyster Shed ( has been positive, from the quality of the food and wines, through to the beautiful views over the vineyard and across to Blackman, Marion and Norfolk Bays.

The roadworks that had until fairly recently blighted the trip from Hobart to Dunalley, forty-five minutes' south-east of Hobart, have been finished, which is a relief for anyone that doesn't want to chip their duco or risk a cracked headlight or windscreen.  The whole route is now well-sealed and offers an enjoyable drive all the way to Bangor, and beyond to the Tasman Peninsula, should you feel like an extended journey.

With the X1/9 on full-song, the UMPHs chose to head past Bangor and on to Murdunna, Eaglehawk Neck and Taranna, after which t…