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Random # 19: Toyota Crown

Just like Grandpa's!  Well, maybe not quite.  But GUMPH (that's grandfather of UMPH, in case you were wondering) did have this exact same model, also in white, purchased new from Launceston's Hollis Motors.  It was rather the gentleman's car back then; a refined, comfortable ride but somewhat avante garde, too, being a bit of a departure from the predominantly British marques favoured by GUMPH and his ilk in the early 70s (he drove a Morris Oxford and a Vauxhall Victor before his conversion to Toyotas).

This particular example is largely rust-free and, other than a banged-in rear driver's side corner, looked pretty straight.  The interior - complete with low-back buckets, floor change, centre console, and an old-school three-spoke wooden sports steering wheel - also looked to be in fairly good nick.

UMPH doesn't really know why he likes this particular car so much but it does have something - let's just call it a style or an attitude - that works for him.  Pe…

Classics by the Beach: Sunday, 3rd of April, 2016

April's Classics by the Beach featured quite a few cars that UMPH had not seen before, including this rather striking Alfa Giulia Super.  It's hard to image how it had escaped his attention, given its bold paint scheme and racing livery.

Also Super was this lovely Ford Anglia featuring a period-style bullet external rear view mirror and Superlite wheels.  The attention to detail was exemplary; it would be difficult to imagine how it could have looked better. 

Thanks go to the owner of this very nicely restored HQ Monaro in LS - standing for Luxury Sport - specification for generously showing UMPH the ins and outs of his car.  He's clearly very proud of it and so he should be!    

It's a local car, having been sold by Motors Pty Ltd in the early 70s.  The engine is a 253 cu (4.2 litre) Aussie-built V8, coupled to a Trimatic auto transmission with a T bar floor shift.  As an LS - featuring interior trim from the more up-market Premier sedan range - it has also been fitted w…