Classics by the Beach: Sunday, 3rd of April, 2016

April's Classics by the Beach featured quite a few cars that UMPH had not seen before, including this rather striking Alfa Giulia Super.  It's hard to image how it had escaped his attention, given its bold paint scheme and racing livery.

Also Super was this lovely Ford Anglia featuring a period-style bullet external rear view mirror and Superlite wheels.  The attention to detail was exemplary; it would be difficult to imagine how it could have looked better. 

It was super, too!

Anglia by name.  Anglier by design. 
Thanks go to the owner of this very nicely restored HQ Monaro in LS - standing for Luxury Sport - specification for generously showing UMPH the ins and outs of his car.  He's clearly very proud of it and so he should be!    

It's a local car, having been sold by Motors Pty Ltd in the early 70s.  The engine is a 253 cu (4.2 litre) Aussie-built V8, coupled to a Trimatic auto transmission with a T bar floor shift.  As an LS - featuring interior trim from the more up-market Premier sedan range - it has also been fitted with power-steering.

At one stage, the car was repainted pink but was, thankfully, returned to its original colour by the previous owner.  It was also reupholstered at the same time, using heritage trim patterns and fabrics purchased by a secondary company from original General Motors supplies.  The vinyl roof was replaced then, too.

Love that pillarless style!

Essentially Premier trim, including the faux walnut dash fascia.

A nice touch:  this sticker would have had to have been replaced when the car was returned to its original metallic green colour.

If provenance adds to a car's appeal, you'd be hard-pressed to do better than this.  Chris Merridrew, the salesman that originally sold the car in Hobart during the early 70s, has lent the current owner this HQ brochure, complete with his business card from the era.

UMPH can now state with confidence that this is an EH, not an EJ, Holden ute (please see:;postID=4212372442506037272;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=14;src=postname ) for details.  This particular one features a 186 Holden red motor, a four-speed M20 gearbox and front disc brakes, courtesy of an HR front end.    

The cockpit has a nice three-spoked sports steering wheel, custom trimmed Recaro buckets and a shortened Premier centre console.  According to the owner, grey was chosen over black for the interior to mute the contrast between the vivid yellow exterior.  The colour scheme works a treat!  

Can anyone please provide some details about the Buchanan sports car shown below?  It looks a bit late 50s / early 60s and appears to have been constructed from fibreglass.

Locals might remember this 'Herbified' Beetle being for sale at the end of Hill Street, West Hobart, a few years back.  It was a little sad back then.  However, its new owner has rebuilt it to high-performance VW specifications, including a worked engine with twin carbies and custom extractors, and a four-wheel disc brake set-up.  It also features an incongruously large set of stereo speakers in the rear.    

Porsche 914 wheels allowed sufficient space for the disc-brake set-up.

According to the owner of this immaculate early 60s Falcon, versions of this era did not come with a V8 option.  This one has, however, been powered by a V8 for the past thirty years.  For further examples of early 60s Falcons, please also see:;postID=6267208270993806494;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=10;src=postname and;postID=9011037153952143324;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=7;src=postname . 

There's no doubt that the pillarless style is a nice, clean look.
Please enjoy the rest of the photos... .  And please also feel free to add comments at the end of this blog or, should you find yourself in Sandy Bay on the first Sunday of next month, to say hello.

An opulent big cat

British and US styles.

When too many big Healeys are barely enough!

Beautiful from any angle!

Another Aussie classic.

Big Jag elegance.

Dominic's very tidy 1500 / 5 speed X1/9. 

U M P H.

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