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Mega-Random # 1: 2017 Aston Martin Tasmanian Tour

Under normal circumstances, a Random post is the result of an unplanned encounter involving a classic car and UMPH's iPhone.  So what's an unplanned encounter between thirty one Aston Martins touring Tasmania and the UMPH iPhone called?  It could only be a Mega-Random!  

Mega-Random # 1 came about when a colleague casually mentioned there happened to be "a few Astons" down at the Wrest Point Casino in Hobart's beach-side suburb of Sandy Bay.  A few.  Like it was no big deal.  Common as muck, those Astons.  Nothing out of the ordinary, apparently. 

Pig's bot it wasn't a big deal!  UMPH was there in a flash, trusty iPhone in hand.  The images shown here are of a few of the older, arguably more interesting, cars and better shots from the day.

There were Astons ranging in age from two of these early versions - possibly DB 2/4s from the 1950s - right through to contemporary models.  Examples from every state of Australia were present, although neither the Austral…

Random # 92: Austin Healey Mk I 'Frog-eye' Sprite

The images shown here pushed the HDR facility on the UMPH iPhone to their limits, leaving some badly blown-out highlights.  The garage in which the photos were taken was tight, too.  Nonetheless, the car depicted - a Mk I Frog-eye or, for American readers, Bug-eye, Sprite - was just too fabulous not to photograph.

UMPH has known of the car for over 15 years, having struck up a conversation with its owner, Nigel, many moons ago whilst he was admiring one his other classics - an Austin Healey 100-4.  Back then, Nigel said the Sprite had belonged to his brother, who crashed it at the Baskerville racetrack, and that it had bee in a shed ever since, awaiting restoration.

Now that the restoration's been completed, it would be hard to imagine a better looking Frog-eye, especially with its lovely Minilites and very stylish fibre-glass hardtop.  According to Nigel, the bolt-on roof is Australian-made and has been on the car almost since it was new.

Nigel's mate Vic, who undertook the rest…