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For Galantry (My 1975 Galant Hardtop)

1980 was, for various reasons, a very exciting year for UMPH, one being that he turned 17 and got his driver's licence.  It was also the year he nearly bought a green 1750 Alfa 105 from Dick Pou Motors on Hobart's eastern shore but ended up with an Escort van instead. Wiser heads advised against the flashy Italian classicAlfas were unreliable, they said.  So, too, were Fiats, knocking a white 124 AC from a dodgy car yard in New Town out of contention.  However, it appears that the pundits had never experienced a mid 70s Escort because, if they had, UMPH's van would have been given the thumbs down, too!

The following year was, in automotive terms, much better.  Putting the Escort debacle behind him, long-term rally aspirant UMPH found himself a red 1975 Galant hardtop at Arnold Autos in Argyle Street, North Hobart, and soon outlaid the then princely sum of $3,800.  It was to be a long relationship.

Galants and their smaller siblings, Lancers, had built a solid reputation in …