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Semi-Shaved 1975 Galant Hardtop

Those of you that know UMPH will realise he's no fan of shaving.  The greying beard probably gives it away, right?  Yes and no.  Yes, because he really does love his facial follicles but no, because in this instance he's actually referring to the strange practice of removing vehicles' external door handles and locks.

In its most extreme version - the 'Lo-Lux' look favoured by young skater types - even the door handles get removed.   Devotees of the style like to ruin perfectly serviceable utes by dropping the rears so low the headlights point skywards, then weld and bog-up nearly anything that ever hinged or opened.  How they even get into their faux-gangsta mobiles is a mystery.  Electronic remotes, perhaps?  What if the battery goes flat?  Anyway, enough said about the pants half-way down their bums brigade and those stupid skater hats ...

This week's subject is more semi-shaved; an old-school bikini line rather than full-Brazilian, if you prefer, even if it ha…