Bonus Material # 2: Lancia Flavia 1.8

Like the magnificent 48-215, or 'FX,' Holden featured in Bonus Material # 1 (, this elegant Lancia Flavia was not part of the 2017 Richmond village green car show but was found parked nearby, its owners presumably being having lured in to see the main event.

The Holden and this Lancia weren't the only classics to be seen outside the official car show; there was also a very tidy Fiat 130 coupe, the UMPH X1/9, a scattering of MGs and a few 60s and 70s Fords, too.

Stylistically, the Flavia isn't a million miles away from Fiat's 2300 S coupe shown in

This particular car was wearing Victorian club registration plates, suggesting that its owner was touring Tasmania.

And what a stylish way to tour the island state, with its long, sleek coupe body by Pininfarina, plenty of glass, and a beautiful interior complete with a wood-grain dash, matching sports steering wheel and low-back bucket seats!

The panels, paint and chrome were all immaculate and looked to be in original, untouched condition, right down to the shiny hubcaps and all the badging.

UMPH hope the owner enjoyed touring Tasmania.  

Please feel free to come back soon and bring a few of your club mates and their cars, too!



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