Bonus Material # 1: 48-215 ("FX") Holden

A car show like January, 2017's, gathering of classics on the Richmond village green, some 35 minutes' drive from Hobart, Tasmania, was always going to attract some interesting vehicles.  

However, not all of them were in the show.

Take, for example, this ripper 48-215 Holden or, as it's become more commonly known, an FX.

It was found parked near to, but not an official part of, the main event - bonus material, if you will.

The FX was the Holden model that preceded the FJ (please see;postID=4241772447671242173;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=42;src=postname for an example).

This particular car appears to have been campaigned in local motor sports events, with the blue triangle visible on the passengers' side rear panel being a mandated safety feature to indicate the location of its battery (it would normally be under the bonnet).

The meaty side exhaust and the mag wheels suggest that the car is other than standard, too.

It was a great sight and one that would have garnered just as much interest as any of the cars in the 'official' display, had its owner chosen to park on the green and not on the street outside.



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