Classics by the Beach: Sunday the 3rd of June, 2018

A low sun, weak on warming but nonetheless very bright, greeted attendees at the first winter Classics by the Beach gathering at Hobart's Sandy Bay for 2018, creating long shadows, lots of contrast and bright (specular for the photographers amongst you) highlights.  Ask any pro-photographer and they'll tell you they'd rather have clouds any day!     

Not that this matters, of course!  Rugged-up car aficionados don't care how cold it gets (they might prefer it didn't rain, though); they attend to show, admire, and discuss beautiful classic cars and, UMPH's curmudgeonly dislike of bright winter sun aside, it was a gorgeous day for doing exactly that!

This magnificent Daimler Dart (SP250 in the USA) is exactly why car-lovers flock to the bay each and every first Sunday of the month, almost irrespective of the weather.  It truly was fabulous, with a 1950s' style all of its own.  To think that the Americans - of all people! - had the temerity to unofficially vote it the ugliest car exhibited at the 1959 New York car show!!  Mmm.  Something to do with pots and kettles comes to mind ... .

The Ford Falcon Futura and Falcon ute shown below made a great double act, both being XLs (?) in perfect condition.  It's not certain, however, if were meant to be shown together or if it was just happenstance they were present on the same day.  Either way, it was wonderful to see them there!

"All we do is all wheel drive," says Subaru.  Not always, says UMPH, as this almost show-room condition 1980s' Leone proves with its front-wheel drive configuration.  The car may not be particular exotic.  However, its condition - panels, paint and interior - are just about perfect.  It's rare to see a coupe version, too.   

It's great to see the classic motorcycle fraternity increasing their presence at the monthly gathering.  Whereas there used to be three or four bikes attending, their presence has now increased to the point they've begun congregating in a separate area near the wood-fired pizza place.  Welcome aboard! 

UMPH is fairly confident he's not going to insult the owner of this rather unique Sigma wagon when he notes that it's ... umm ... probably not the most exotic car to ever be shown at the bay.  In fact, UMPH knows the owner won't be offended, as he clearly enjoys the car's novelty and was quick to point out its rather quirky accessorisation at the hands of the older chap he bought it off in NSW last week.  Oh, that and the fact that his previous car - sold only last week - was a Lancia HPE Integrale!  He can clearly drive whatever he likes!!   

Thanks to all the owners of the cars shown on the day.  Without you, there would be no event.    

As usual, UMPH didn't (couldn't) photograph all the vehicles present.  However, there's a fair chance they're featured elsewhere on this 'blog, so why not take a look?



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