Car Enthusiasts' Monthly Drive and Lunch: May, 2018

Who doesn't appreciate a shapely pair of Bristols?*  These two magnificently curvaceous examples, part of May 2018's monthly car enthusiasts' drive and lunch, were photographed at the beginning of the event in the C3 cafe car park in Anglesea Street, South Hobart.

Of course, the Bristols weren't the only cars taking part; several MGs, a Jaguar, a TR4, a BMW Z3, a couple of MX5s and the UMPH X1/9 also participated in defiance what threatened to be a rainy and increasingly chilly day.  The fleet certainly made for an attractive sight as it headed off, bound for lunch at The Moorings, Franklin, even if some of the initial navigation did have elements of about it!  

Organiser Bob is to be congratulated for his choice of route, incorporating as it did some lovely scenery along the Channel Highway at Taroona, Sandfly Road and through the Huon Valley.  His choice of venue was commendable, too; The Moorings put on a fine lunch of scallops or a schnitzel, with either pavlova or apple crumble for desert, all served in a pleasant room with a nice view of the Huon River. 

Thanks, Bob and all the participants.  A great day out!



* Bristol fans can see further examples of the marque at either: ; or

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