Targa Tasmania, 2018: Longley Stage

Readers overwhelmingly chose this gorgeous Alfa 105 - photographed during Longley, the final competitive stage of Targa Tasmania - as the car they thought should be the lead image for this year's Targa edition of UMPH.  

The Alfa really did capture the true essence of the event, exhibiting all the essentials that make Targa Australia's, if not the world's, best tarmac rally: classic styling, a spine tingle-inducing induction / exhaust note and magnificent performance, all in a car that was brilliantly driven on roads that demand skill and reward drivers who possess it with exhilaration and spectacular scenery in equal measure.

Please enjoy the following photographs.         

Above and below:  Steve of Fogarty Automotive doing co-driving duties

The Austin shown in the photos above is deservedly wearing the Targa # 1 plate as one of the most regular and consistent entries in the event

Donald Duck me!  Local Phil Blake takes a break from driving his famous Fiat 850 Abarth replica to co-drive in this 911 from Queensland 


Congratulations, Jason and John White, for notching up your record equaling 7th overall first place!



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