Random # 214: Torana A9X Hatchback

The fact this awesome SS Torana is sporting a disc brake rear end suggests very strongly that it's the real deal, which is to say it was fitted with the A9X-option - comprising of a bonnet scoop, heavy duty axles, a 'ten bolt' diff and the previously mentioned anchors - making it the very pinnacle of Holden's small to mid-size car line-up.  Sadly, the LX of 1976 - '78 - the car on which A9X-optioned Toranas were based - was the last of that model to feature a V8 engine and also ended their involvement in Australian touring car racing, giving way to Holden's Commodore range.   

The car shown here is in particularly fine condition. Every single aspect is perfect, right down to its period-correct Hotwire mags and Yokahama 'A-Block' radials.  It is a very, very special vehicle indeed! 



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