Random # 210: EH Holden Special

Aussies love their EH Holdens!  But if there's one thing they love even more, it's hotted-up EH Holdens, like the one shown here, resplendent in metallic bluey-purple-ish paint!

Like any classic hotted-up EH, the car also featured a set of fat mags, an HR disc brake front end, a dash-mounted tacho and gauges, a wooden three-spoke sports steering wheel, a floor-shift 'box and bucket seats.  The biggish exhaust suggests that the engine has undergone some work, in keeping with the general performance-enhanced theme. 

Love your EHs, too (there are several more featured on this 'blog)?  How about other Holdens, Fords, Chryslers or classic Japanese, Italian or British marques?  Just use the search facility (magnifying glass icon) in the top right hand corner of the page or just have a browse.



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