Random # 206: Morris 1100

If a bit of paint crazed paint counts as patina, this venerable Morris 1100 is as patinated as all hell.   That being said, though, the car's actually in pretty good nick, with really straight, rust-free panels, nice chrome and a very neat and tidy interior.  All the hubcaps and wheel trims, badges and trim are present, too; nothing seems to be missing.  

The sticker shown above is unlikely to mean anything to anyone, unless they're: 

a. well over forty years old; 
b. from Hobart; and 
c. listened to local radio station 7HO (now HOFM) during the late 70s and early 80s,

but, if they are, it's likely to stir some nostalgic memories.  

And, if you are over forty, a Hobartian and a former listener to 7HO, you will almost certainly enjoy this gem from Vinnie and the V8s (AKA Cooke and Moore):




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