2018 Armstrong Siddeley Tour of Tasmania

Mrs UMPH has cemented her place in the Upper Middle Petrol Head universe, having usefully spotted these magnificent Armstrong Siddeleys in the car park of the Strahan Village on Tasmania's wild and often wet west coast.  Yep, she's a keeper!

There were four A-Ss - a coupe ute, a sedan and two limousines - plus a lovely drop-head Alvis touring Tasmania together from a number of mainland Australian states.  There was to be a fifth A-S.  However, last minute mechanical issues saw that car abandoned in favour of a very practical, but oh-so prosaic, Nissan X-Trail. 

According to the owner of the ute, A-Ss were heavily imported from Britain into Australia after World War II, often taking forms not seen elsewhere in the world.  He also explained that the sphinx emblem, shown above and in several further photos below, was an evolving motif for the cars that became more elaborate depending on the model of A-S that it adorned. 

Please enjoy the following photos.  If you'd like to know more about the Armstrong Siddeley marque, UMPH recommends the following wikipedia link:  


UMPH hopes the A-S crew and their Alvis-driving friends enjoyed their tour of Tasmania.  He knows they certainly created an elegant sight as they wound their way along the west coast's scenic roads.



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