Random # 177: Ex-British Columbia MG TD

At first glance, there wasn't anything particularly different about this immaculate MG TD.  However, closer inspection revealed that it was a left-hand-drive version and, judging by the car club badges adorning the car, it was from Canada's British Columbia. 

If it is an ex-BC car, it's sure to be at home in Hobart, given the similarities between Tasmania's capital and the Canadian west coast province's largest city, Vancouver.  Both feature stunning mountains as backdrops - Hobart's being kunyani / Mt Wellington, while Grouse Mountain is Vancouver's equivalent.  Each was sited to take advantage of their proximity to the open sea, with Hobart having been built on the shores of the River Derwent and Vancouver situated alongside the Straight of Georgia and English Bay.  

Parks, markets and an abundance of outdoor spaces are common to both cities, too, as is a thriving cafe, pub and dining culture.  Hobart's Salamanca is arguably a credible, albeit smaller, version of Vancouver's Granville District with its thriving combination of entertainments and the arts.

With Hobart and Vancouver both being situated within easy striking distance of some beautiful natural attractions, it's no surprise that each has its own vibrant outdoor recreation scene.  Bush-walking, mountain-biking, kayaking and sailing are popular pursuits for residents of both cities.

Tourists also benefit from both locations' nearness to the natural environment; coastal cruises and whale-watching businesses flourish in Hobart and Vancouver, and both have their own island escapes within an hour or two's travel.  Tasmania's Bruny Island is just a short car drive and ferry crossing away from Hobart and BC's Vancouver Island - on which the province's capital, Victoria, is located and where UMPH has witnessed cricket being played - is also accessible by car and ferry within a few hours' travel.          

UMPH trusts that whatever has brought this lovely car to Hobart sees it out and about, being enjoyed by its owner/s and locals alike, and possibly participating in the local classic car scene (details of events such a Classics by the Beach, the Picnic at Ross and the Monthly Classic Car Drives / Lunches are available by searching this site).  Hopefully, what's very probably the biggest difference between Tasmania and British Columbia - the former's significantly milder winters - might just help that to be a reality!



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