Random # 175: Renault R4 Wagon

Hand on heart, UMPH is not urine-taking when he says he loves this Renault R4 wagon.  Everything about it - its Moke-simple styling, sliding windows, pop-up ventilation and one-piece front-hinged bonnet - is the essence of practicality itself!  No wonder they enjoyed such a long production run, with Wikipedia listing manufacture as having been from 1961 to 1992 (until 1994 in Slovenia).  They've even spawned a retro-version, the imaginatively named Renault 4 managing not to disrespect the original too much.

Image result for renault r4
What do we think, people?  Has it captured the original's style and uniqueness?

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All iPhone images, except those of the new pretender, which were presumably uploaded to the web to stimulate interest.

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