Random # 163: GB Galant

The mythical 'one little old lady owner, only ever driven to church ' car is no myth, as the following photos show.  This particular example - a 1974 GB Galant fitted with a 1600 Saturn motor and three-speed auto 'box - had approximately 40,000 miles on the clock and still had its original cheese-cutter cross-ply tyres.

It previously belonged to the aunt of Gavin and Ian, brothers who now reside in the Albury-Wodonga region on the Victoria / New South Wales border, who were in Hobart to collect the car and take it home.  Ian hopes to have it running again in time for a local Chrysler owners' get together within the next month or so. 

The car was as near to mint as could possibly be imagined, with its only modification being a raised driver's seat - a necessity, according to Ian, to allow his diminutive aunt to see properly over the dash.  It was otherwise exactly as it left the local Chrysler dealership, DJ Motors, In Campbell Street, Hobart.  Any tiny blemish that might show up in these photos is nothing more than dust accumulated during the last fours years' of storage.  

It is sad to see this car leave Tasmania (although it is clearly going to a good home!).  However, its departure has been off-set to a large degree by the arrival of Daniel's very nice two-owner GC Galant hardtop from NSW, which also belonged to an older lady and was very-well maintained.  For more information and photos, please go to: https://uppermiddlepetrolhead.blogspot.com.au/2016/11/classics-by-beach-sunday-6th-of.html.

Good luck with the journey home, Ian and Gavin.  UMPH hopes you enjoy the car for many years to come!



All iPhone images.

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