Random # 154: Rover P5 3.5 Litre Sedan

This stately Rover looked the goods with its vertically stacked twin-headlights, Rostyle wheels, double exhausts and 3.5 litre badging.  Very tweed indeed!  Frightfully British, ol' chap!

As cool as it is, there's a sexier version of essentially the same car: the four-door P5 coupe, featuring a lowered, rearwards-sloping roof-line.  Somehow the whole effect is, if you'll excuse the vulgarity, almost gangster (please see below).  It makes the car look less boxy and, in profile, almost reminiscent of an Alfa 105.   

Image result for 3.5 litre rover coupe
Internet image.
Of course, none of this coupe-worship should detract from the P5 sedan featured here.  It was, after all, quite lovely in its own right and looked a treat.  But that coupe roof-line ... .  Mmm, nice!   

But enough distractions ... . 

The paint, panel and chrome on our featured P5 were all first rate, as was the interior.  The car was on full registration, as opposed to Special Interest plates, so it's likely to be in fairly regular use.  

That shouldn't surprise anyone, though.  Who wouldn't enjoy driving something so elegant?



All iPhone images, other than of the coupe.

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