Final Touches: The Dashboard Doctor Challenge, Part II

The Dash Board Doctor has acquitted himself very well so far ...

by doing nothing!

Well, that's not actually true ... .

He took the time to phone, explain that the dash pad that had been sent wasn't quite up to scratch (cracks aren't a problem but shrinkage and warping is) and warn that, given its sad condition (it is warped and it has shrunk), the final result may not be as good as had been expected.

It was agreed that a halt-work was in order.

The doctor clearly cares about his work!

A rare beast (a spare GC/D Galant dash pad).

Fortunately there was a Plan B involving a secret cache of Galant parts hidden away where only the true cognoscenti might know where to look.

However, the dash pad from that treasure trove also presented a few problems ... .

It might be fine as a boomerang but it's not quite the crowning glory of Galantdom it was intended to be!

A rare, but slightly imperfect, beast (a sodding big bend in the middle).

The ends were, however, pretty good.

The Dash Board Doctor suggested that the application of heat might help de-banana it. 

The attached images show the second dash pad as it was when it was retrieved and what it looked like after attempts were made to straighten it.

A moderately successful attempt to straighten the spare dash (a couple of stools, a gas fire and 4 litres of laundry detergent.

This is what a couple of stools, a gas fire and 4 litres of laundry detergent can do.

Unfortunately straightening the top caused kinking on the underside.

Above and below:  Two steps forward, one step back.

Fortunately there's a Plan C which may involve making a composite unit from both the dash pads supplied.

Please stay tuned for the next exciting installment of The Dash Board Doctor Challenge!

(How could you resist?) 



All iPhone images.

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