Random # 128: Triumph Dolomite

UMPH is going to keep taking photos at David Short's North Hobart specialist British car workshop for as long as he can.     

Which will probably be when David finally gets the restraint order served.

Until then, fabulous cars like this tidy Triumph Dolomite will continue to grace the pages of this blog.

There are a few examples of Dolomites in Tasmania.

However, there are certainly more 2000s, 2500s and Stags, and probably a greater number of Spitfires, getting round the island state than there are of these smaller Triumph saloons.

The one depicted here was in really good, apparently original, condition with only some slight signs of faded paint and a few stone chips.

The interior was in good nick, too; the woodwork around the dash and on the door tops was really nice and the velour rear seat, whilst slightly faded, was without rips or obvious wear. 

All its accessories appeared to be of the era, including the stylish chrome exterior door mirrors and the great looking alloy wheels.

In manual form, Dolomite ran a four speed 'box with an overdrive that worked on 3rd and 4th gears, making them effectively six-speeders.

This example, however, was fitted with an automatic transmission.



All iPhone images.

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