Random # 127: The Glimar Man's Fargo Truck

The Glimar Man, AKA Robi Glimar, is a mural artist and the owner of this magnificent Fargo truck, photographed in Hobart's historic Battery Point on a late autumn day.  It's been a common sight in and around southern Tasmania for several years - one that's been on UMPH's radar quite a while.

It's a difficult vehicle to categorise.  Is it a restoration?  Sort of but not quite.  A rat rod?  That's underselling it a bit.  A hot rod, then?  That's probably going a tad far ... .      

There certainly isn't any pretense about the truck's finish; the unapologetically rough-welded and riveted front guards, coupled with the matte black paint job, are both rugged and practical, as well as lending it a hint of ... street cred (?).  The magnificent grille, seen above, puts UMPH in mind of Sigourney Weaver's Alien nemesis.   

There are, however, enough original features to keep even purist Fargo fans happy.  Other than the previously mentioned front guards, the entire front and cab are original, and the fabulous Fargo badges and globe bonnet emblem add authenticity and period style. 

There are glimpses of blue paint under the bonnet but they're not much of a clue as to what sort of donk's been fitted.  However, it's reasonably likely to be a contemporary V8 of some description.

Adding weight to the V8 hypothesis is the engineering work that's gone into the truck.  Take, for example, the independently coil-sprung rear end, coupled with in-board disc brakes, seen below.  From a Jag, perhaps?  The front discs are a bit special, too, featuring slotted rotors.  You don't go to that sort of effort unless the engine's got some serious poke!  



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