2017 Picnic at Ross

It appears that bad weather - or the threat of it, at least - deterred quite a lot of people from attending the Post Vintage Car Club of Tasmania's 2017 Picnic at Ross.  That's a pity, really; there wasn't any rain, it was quite mild and the cars that were on display were truly fabulous.

There was the usual showing of Aussie greats from Ford, Valiant and Holden, as well as cars from Italy, Britain, Germany, France and the USA.  However, there weren't quite as many Japanese marques as UMPH might have expected, with fewer Mitsubishis, Toyotas, Mazdas and Datsuns than in past years. 

Datsun 1600s - also known as P510s - were originally equipped with 1.6 litre OHC motors, four speed floor change gearboxes (or autos) and front wheel disc brakes.  This one, however, has a 2 litre donk, a five-speed 'box, after-market four wheels discs, coil-over suspension and Superlite alloy wheels, amongst other modifications.  The lighting and interior have been tricked up, too.

Seeing is believing!  Yes, folks, this really is a 5.7 litre Corvette V8 powered Datsun 260Z.  An awesome car indeed!

Above is a 289 cu Ford V8-powered Sunbeam Tiger.  Below is its smaller, and slightly older, 4 cylinder sibling, the Sunbeam Alpine.  Both are lovely! 

This original right-hand drive Ford Capri was manufactured in Cologne, Germany, for the British market.  It features a V6 motor, T-bar auto transmission and traditional front engine / rear wheel drive configuation.  Early Capris are quite rare now - especially these German made examples - and have become very collectible.

The Ford Capris shown above and below share nothing with their German namesake, being based on the Mazda 323 / Ford Laser platform and having been made in Australia.  They're front wheel drive, four cylinder, multi-valve twin cam cars.  There was also a turbo variant, the XR2.  These later Capris are quite collectible in their own right, too.

Orange and silver might not be colours that immediately spring to mind in combination.  However, they really do work a treat on this striking HQ GTS Monaro.  The black interior looked excellent, too.  

In UMPH's mind, this fabulous XR Fairmont was as good as anything on show on the day!  Its general condition, attention to detail and superb modifications made it really special.  

Ford Cortina GTs are already reasonably punchy, so this one, fitted with a V6, is likely to be quite spectacular!  It's a really tidy installation, too; the motor looks like it's meant to be there and the whole package appears to have been professionally done.

UMPH has a bit of a thing for GC Galant hardtops.  This one - also featured in two other UMPH posts - is particularly nice, with its deep, glossy duco and great looking Superlite wheels.   

You'd be hard-pressed to find a better looking ute than this amazing XB Falcon.  The paint, chrome and accessories were all first rate! 

Marie and Kevin's Valiant is a real beauty.  In many ways, it's probably better than new, with flawless paint and bright work and a fantastic interior, too.  The Dragway style wheels are also a nice touch.  

One of only a very few Mazdas on the day, this pretty little 1000 coupe has only just got back on the road.  It was originally from Victoria and is one of only three in Tasmania.  It has an OHC motor with twin carbies, coupled to a four-speed floor change and also features front disc brakes, all of which was quite advanced for the early 1960s.

The coupe depicted above and below is one of UMPH's favourite Fiats and is also featured in one of his Random posts.  Its long, sleek lines epitomise Pininfarina's designs of the 1960s.  It's a genuinely elegant, stylish car.  

Did you pick up on UMPH's obsession with CG Galant hardtops?  The restoration of this one's nearly complete, with only a bit more work on the paint, a new dash-pad and some minor tweaking here and there to go.

Thank you to the PVCC, the people of Ross and the owners of all the magnificent classics that attended on the day!  And for all of you that didn't come this time, please do next year!!



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