Mini Week - Car # 1: Mini Traveller (Another One!)

All in all, this Mini Traveller, photographed in Hobart's historic ship-building area and maritime hub, Battery Point, was in pretty good nick.

Its duco, chrome and panels were all good and the interior was neat and tidy, too.

However, the wooden trim that surrounded the rear-most part of the car was showing some signs of deterioration.

I may have been newer than most Aussies would think, as it featured plastic front flares and a stick-on prismatic rear view mirror, none of which would have been fitted to the Minis that were available in this country.

This suggests that the car may have been imported from Britain or some other market that continued to use the more traditional Mini front end in parallel to the later Clubman versions that wholly replaced the former style here in Australia (coinciding with Leyland's takeover of BMC). 

If anyone can shed light on this matter, please feel free to do so in the Comments section of this 'blog.

Also of interest is this Bank Garage graphic, shown below, with what's clearly not a Australian telephone number displayed below the word Mini's [sic] with its egregious feral apostrophe.

Googling it hasn't helped, so if anyone knows where the Bank Garage is or was, it might help identify where the car originally came from. 


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All iPhone images.

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