Random # 91: Early 80s Toyota Supra

This Series II Toyota Supra is an example of the first edition of that model available in Australia.  It is, in effect, a six cylinder version of the smaller four-pot Celica with a longer front end to accommodate the physically larger engine, and a slightly wider stance.

There was an earlier version, known in the Japanese market as the Celica XX, but it was not commercially available in Australia.  It also featured a six cylinder engine and a longer bonnet.

Even though the earlier XX edition was never officially imported to Australia, there was at least one white version in Hobart, Tasmania, although UMPH hasn't seen it for a while.  Like the Series II shown here, the XX was based on the lift-back variant of the Celica and was not available as a coupe.

Supras are regarded by many people as a grand tourer - a GT - rather than a sports car.  It has been suggested that they were introduced as Toyota's answer the the hugely popular Datsun 240Z and 260Z coupes but, even if that's so, they haven't really achieved the same cult status as those cars.  However, they have attracted their own following and deservedly so.

The car shown here was in excellent condition for its age, with no rust or apparent crash damage and very nice duco.  All of its original accessories - including the Supra-only wheels, wheel arch flares and roof-spoiler - were present, too. 



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