Style File # 2: Big Jaguars

Everything old is new(ish) again!  Well, it appears to be so when it comes to big Jags, as evidenced by these two large British saloons. 

At a guess, the black one seen on the left would be a late 50s / early 60s version, whereas the white car - one of the later 'classic' style XJs - could be as recent as the late 90s or even the early 2000s (that's relatively new in UMPH's book!).  Admittedly, the similarities here aren't as strong as between Series 1 XJs and the newer car featured here but there are still clear styling clues that have bridged a four decade divide.

P070 Jaguar XJ.jpg
The similarities between this late 60s Series 1 XJ and the late 90's version shown above and below are even stronger (image from Wikipedia)

The older car has a distinctly cigar-shaped profile compared to its newer brother but there are sufficient similarities between the two to claim there's a common theme - what might be called a 'big Jag look.'  There's no doubt that look has evolved but - in UMPH's opinion, anyway - it is there.  What do reckon?   

Sadly, that look seems to have ended, with 2009's X358 being the last to follow those classic lines UMPH has come to admire.  So, like the Land Rover Defender, another iconic model has ended an amazing long and successful reign.


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