Morris Minor Week Car # 1: 1956 1000 'Transition' Traveller

For the next seven days, UMPH is paying tribute to the Morris Minor, beginning with ...

This 1956 Morris 1000 Traveller puts one in mind of picnics in the English countryside, complete with wicker-baskets, cucumber sandwiches, thermos-flasks and tartan rugs.  It also conjures up words like splendid and jolly and all manner of other Blytonisms. 

It would almost be impossible to imagine a nicer car to take the family on a picnic in, which is sort of what the owners were doing when UMPH spotted them in Hobart's historic Battery Point.  Admittedly, there were no cucumber sandwiches but the fresh fish 'n' chips they were eating down by the waterfront looked like a pretty good Tasmanian substitute! 

Eagle-eyed Morrie-spotters like UMPH will probably think they've detected an anomaly when they try to reconcile the Morris 1000 in this post's title with the car's split windscreen.  However, people who really know their Nuffields - like the proud owners - will be able to explain that this particular car is a transition model, meaning that it's mechanically a 1000 but one that has retained the earlier Minor's windscreen - a case of using up the last of the old parts inventory before adopting the newer one-piece design.   

Aside from being a rare version of the Traveller, it's also in fabulous nick.  The paint gleams, the chrome sparkles and the wood-work on the wagon-style back is beautiful.  The interior's lovely, too, looking completely original and unmarked. 

So this car really is splendid and it would be hard to image that its owners didn't have a jolly nice outing.  And what's more, it really did have a wicker basket in the back!

Morris Minor Week is set to continue with another post due this Wednesday ...


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