Random # 76: Early Mazda B Series Ute

This ute from Mazda is from the time, long, long ago, before they teamed up with Ford.  It's hard top tell just how old it is, given that Transport Tasmania no longer provide handy rego labels carrying that sort of info.  However, a highly uneducated guess would be very late 70s to early 80s, although UMPH would be happy to be corrected.

The E-reg suggests that this particular vehicle is new to the state.  The old-school sign writing on the passengers side door points to it being from Mildura in Victoria's North-West, on the banks of the Murray River, close to South Australia.

The car is in excellent condition for its age, with only the slightest signs of paint damage and no evident of crash damage or rust.  The interior was very tidy, too.


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