Random # 66: Austin 1800 Mk I 'Land-Crab'

Isn't that the truth!  What's more, the driver of the Austin 1800 in the following photos is living his or her own bumper sticker.  This is definitely not a boring car.

Spotted on Hobart's Queen's Domain, it looks to be in very original condition with what appears to be factory-applied duco and all its period accessories present and intact.  It even features a genuine the car of the century sticker on the rear window, just like they came out with in the late 60s.  

Everything, right down to the badges shown above and below, were in place.  All the panels, chrome and interior were in great nick, too.

The 'floats on fluid' is a reference to the car's unique Hydrolastic suspension.


(uppermiddlepetrolhead.blogspot.com.au .)

All iPhone images.

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