Random # 36: Alfa Veloce Sprint

Horizontal styling elements and slightly flared mudguards give the Sprint a wide, squat stance.

For true Alfisti, there's probably no such thing as an ugly Alfa Romeo.  UMPH isn't so sure; he can think of one or two that have styling that's questionable, to say the least, but he won't dare elaborate for fear of alienating anyone.

What is undoubtedly true is that when Alfa do get their styling right - which to be fair is way more often than not - it usually results in cars that are sublimely beautiful.  Whether or not a small hatch-back is the pinnacle of Alfa beauty is debatable.  However, it's probably fair to say that the Giugiaro designed Veloce Sprint is one of the prettiest of that general class ever made. 

The wedge-shape is not dissimilar to Fiat's 128 3P, released a year earlier (1975), but is arguably better proportioned with a long bonnet, what was a fairly rakish windscreen for the era, a lowish roof-line, a 'fast-back' hatch and a bobbed tail.  There's plenty of window glass, too, which makes the cabin look open and spacious.  All the lines and shapes combine perfectly to create an absolutely fabulous looking car.

The horizontal rear lights, extending right to the central hatch handle, also add to the squat attitude.  The way the hatch cuts into the side profile looks like a duck-tail spoiler. 


(All iPhone images.)

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