Random # 34: EK Holden Ute

For non-Australian readers, the term ute is short for utility - as in utility vehicle - and means the same as the American term pick-up.  An Australian ute is usually a style-side or flat-tray variant of a common sedan - a Ford Falcon or a Holden sedan - for example, as opposed to a Ford F100 (which is more of a light truck).    We Aussies love our utes, which isn't surprising given that we invented them!

This EK Holden ute was manufactured in Australia between 1961 and 1962.  The EK range included a sedan, a station wagon (what would be called an estate in some countries) and a van, and came fitted with a 138 cubic inch (2.3 litre) six-cylinder 'grey' motor and either a three-speed manual or automatic gearbox.  Like many Holden utes, the majority of the vehicle's styling carried over from earlier models - in this case, the FE, FC and FB series, respectively (go figure the logic of Holden's model designation conventions).  

This particular example was in excellent condition.  However, it didn't appear to be any sort of show-pony and looks like it's still used for what it was originally built to do - carry stuff around.  The rego plate, EK 0202, suggests that it's been fitted with a later 'red' motor with a capacity of 202 cubic inches (3.3 litres), which would give it a bit more pulling power. 


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