Random # 26: Chevrolet Corvette Stingray Tasmanian Tour

Right place, right time!  On this occasion, UMPH was fortunate to have happened across these two NSW registered Stingrays fuelling up in Sandy Bay. 

According to the friendly Canadian driver of the silver car, both are 1964 editions and are pretty much stock.  They're touring Tasmania in company with another NSW registered Stingray - a 1968 homologation special - also in silver.

The Canadians are buddies of the NSW owners of the cars featured here.  Next year, the Aussies are heading to Canada where they and their mates will be crossing the US border and embarking on a tour of New York State.  What do you reckon they might be driving?  Stingrays, of course!

Please enjoy the attached video.  It may not be worthy of George Miller, but the sound the two cars make driving off is hard not to enjoy!


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