Random # 24: VW Type 2 ' Bay Window' Kombi Ute

It appears that the owner of this uber-cool Kombi ute, pickup, flat-tray or whatever you might like to call it subscribes to the distressed look.  It could just be that it's a working vehicle and its owner isn't too hung up on aesthetics, but the decals that decorate the rear window and tailgate suggest that there's a tiny degree of disdain for the more mainstream classic car set.  

That's not to say that the car's not well-maintained, though; it's doesn't look like there's anything but some light surface rust, the body's straight and even the tyres are new.  UMPH's best bet is that this is a what you see is what you get kinda vehicle and that the patina is genuine. 

Tell it like it is!

Plastic ain't that fantastic!

Either way, it's another great example of a classic car making Hobart's streets more interesting.  And that's what it's all about, isn't it?


(uppermiddlepetrolhead.blogspot.com.au .)  

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