Random # 23: Valiant Regal Coupe

There is no Classics by the Beach post for May.  A camping expedition, a thunder-storm and a very soggy mattress put paid to UMPH's blogging plans for this weekend.  However, he does offer the following random instead:

This mighty Valiant Regal hardtop was spotted in the heart of Hobart's industrial centre of Derwent Park.  From the windscreen forward, it's pretty much standard 1970s Valiant, sharing the nose, guards and bonnet of its Ranger and Pacer variant siblings in sedan, wagon, ute, van and Charger coupe guises. 

With a 360 cubic inch (5.9 litre) V8, this one's likely to be a pretty hairy beast to drive!  It also features a floor-change manual 'box, which could only add to the fun, but the extra length and weight out the rear would probably make it a little less forgiving than the shorter, sportier Charger.

Elegant and unique bodywork from the doors rearward.

Unlike the Charger, the Regal hardtop used the same tail-lights as found on the Ranger and Pacer sedans.  It's likely that the rear bumper was common to the four-door versions, too. 


All iPhone images.

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