2016 Picnic at Ross

One of UMPH's mates - known thirty-odd years ago as Waxy - held a particular disdain for summer surfies.  For readers unfamiliar with the term, summer surfies aren't hard-core enough to surf during Tasmania's cooler months.  

Topiaries on the edge of Oatland's Lake Dulverton.

UMPH has never surfed - during summer, let alone winter - so he's clearly at least a rung lower than a summer surfie on Waxy's cred-o-meter.  The imputation has obviously affected him; it occasionally leads him to a harden-the-xxxx-up moment, as occurred on a wet and blustery Sunday morning in mid-May when he almost didn't go to the Post Vintage Car Club's annual Picnic at Ross. 

So that's how UMPH, Mrs UMPH, B-Rigid and the G-Man found themselves heading up the rain-slicked, wind-raked Midlands Highway, en route to Ross.  UMPH wasn't going to be accused of being a summer petrol head (even if it was an accusation levelled at himself, by himself and known only to himself)!


Tasmania has had a recent history of what might be euphemistically termed sub-par service on the hospitality front.  No longer, you might thinkas the tourism mecca that it's become, such things are in the state's dim, dark past.  

Not in Oatlands, first port of call on the drive up north!  With echoes of Tasmania of ten years ago, only one cafe - the movie-themed TKO - was open and, even then, the hypo-caffeinic foursome waited in vain for five minutes to not be served.  The place was totally devoid of staff.  The town must have missed a lot of business that day, judging by the numbers of classic cars seen cruising the main drag, presumably also in search of coffee and breakfast.

Not to be deterred, plunger coffee was taken on the shores of Lake Dulverton.  It was windy and it was cold but at least the (self) service was good. 

Intrepid:  B-Rigid & Mrs UMPH on the shores of Lake Dulverton.
Sadly, the weather does appear to have put a few participants off, with perhaps only half as many attendees at Ross as in past years.  That's a pity, reallythe organisers put on an excellent event every year and there are always some truly brilliant cars on display.  And this year was no exception, as the following photos hopefully show:


An Alvis.

A Talbot (of London).

An EH Special.

A lovely Holden Statesman.

Take me to the levy.

This excellent Holden Premier was particularly impressive.

This might be a Morris MS (or a six cylinder Oxford?)

A Valiant AP?

Classy in dark blue:  a really tidy VW Beetle.

A Valiant Regal.

A US Dodge Charger.

It's a sensation (or so the jingle went, anyway): a Series I Chrysler Sigma.

UMPH likes this car so much, he dedicated a whole post to it last year.  The mirrors have been moved forward, Japanese-style, since it was last featured in UMPH.

An old-school Corolla Levin coupe.

Toyota's crowning achievement? 

A later Mitsubishi Scorpion.

An HK Monaro.

An HQ Premier station wagon.

A Hillman Hunter station wagon.

A 6 and a 3 series BMW.

For pure automotive ingenuity, it's hard to beat the rat-rodders.

This excellent Datsun 120Y lift-back really made UMPH smile.  Back in their heyday, UMPH hated them but he can't help but feel more kindly towards those that have survived until now.

A Ford Crestline.

A GT Cortina.

A V6 GT Capri.

This Vauxhall was brilliant.

Another Valiant.

Is this the toughest ever Fiat 500?  Forget your current crop of Abarths; the Bambino shown below is powered by a mid-mounted, fuel injected 1.7 litre motor that appears to be from an Alfa 33 or a later Sprint.  The rear-hinged doors suggest that it's an original early model version.  However, the car looks to have been lengthened slightly and most of the panels seem to be custom-made of fibreglass.  Please leave a comment if you know anything about the car. 

Mid-mounted engine.

Lots of custom-made panels and Alfa tele-dial wheels.

This isn't its owner's fist Porsche.  His previous car, a 924 Turbo, came to an unfortunate end shortly after it featured in last year's UMPH Picnic at Ross post.  And after all that driver training, Todd!  

An SLR Torana.

An SS Torana.

Putting the picnic into the Picnic at Ross!

French Art Deco.

What's a beret if not a French beanie?

An MG Magnette.

It could be Uncle Martin's spaceship.  However, UMPH is semi-credibly informed that it's actually a Peerless. 

A stately Rover 4 door coupe.

Not sure what this is but it's cool.

The blue Beetle on the right features a super-charger 
(for details, please see last year's Picnic post).

An HD Holden X2 Premier.

Vive Le Matra!  This low-slung coupe with its mid-mounted engine was just ooh la la!

An extremely tidy Datsun 200B.

Purple People Eater:  An XB GT Falcon.

A pair of magnificent MGAs.

One out of the box:  an immaculate Datsun 1600 (or P510). 

For UMPH, this HR Holden station wagon was close to best in show.

This Broadspeed fast-back is arguably Tasmania's most interesting Mini.

A GT Falcon.

This lovely Alfa certainly attracted the envy of at least one of UMPH's friends.

Showing just how eclectic the cars were:  a Jag parked between a couple of EHs.

There's always a good showing of Mustangs.

Remember that line earlier on about summer surfies and hardening-the-xxxx-up?  Facing a very wet trip home, this bloke's about as hardened-the-xxxx-up as as they come!  Respect!

Thanks go to the PVCC for another excellent event, as well as to the community of Ross and the participants, too.  Hoping to see you all again next year!


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For 2015 Picnic at Ross pics, please go to: http://uppermiddlepetrolhead.blogspot.com.au/2015/05/2015-picnic-at-ross.html .

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