Random # 230: ‘78 FJ40 Land Cruiser

The owner of this excellent short wheel base 'Cruiser proudly proclaims that it's basic, which is exactly how he likes it!  No power-anything.  No air-con.  No cruise-control, anti-lock brakes or electronic trickery of any kind!  The suspension and drive-train have just been done up and it's sporting new rubber all round, too.  The body is straight with nothing more than some surface rust and the interior is original, other than the original double passenger-side seat having been replaced with a single bucket, but everything that is there - and let's face it, it is rather spartan - is in really good nick.  Once the four-cylinder diesel motor fires up, it's unstoppable.  Four wheel drums and a four-speed 'box complete the package.  Just perfect!    



All iPhone images.

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