Targa Tasmania Preview Article and a Condumdrum

A GT Falcon slaying Torana?

The editorial team at Upper Middle Petrol Head are at loggerheads, with the photographer unable to agree with the writer who, in turn, disagrees with the editor.  And the editor just disagrees with everybody on principle!

Their insurmountable problem?  None of our Tri-matic Trio - who, to be fair, almost always automatically agree on everything - can decide on this year's Targa Tasmania article lead photo.

Can you please help?  If you'd be so kind, take a scroll through this year's preview and nominate the image you think should grace the front of the main article (due for release this Wednesday) and explain why you reckon it deserves top-billing in the Comments section.   

This XW GT?

How about the Shelby Mustang shown above?

The Austin featured here certainly deserves consideration, being as it is one of Targa's most consistent competitors

Anything as sleek as this Lotus would be a contender, too, you'd think

This 1930s roadster would also have to be in contention

Hillman Imps, like the one shown here, really epitomise the spirit of Targa Tasmania

Another highly consistent, and well-loved, entrant

Alfas like this lovely 105 just make our fabulous scenery even more beautiful!

An absolute crowd favourite - a visual and aural feast

Even lovelier for not being a 911

Once upon a time, Datsun 240Zs were the backbone of the Targa entrants' list

Hey, Charger!  A nostalgic choice?

Adding a bit of international flavour:  Martini racing livery

How about this giant-killing RS1800?

Aussie as!  And hard to beat (road-kill adornments aside)

For all the Brockophiles

Who's for this big snarling cat?

Thanks for taking the time to vote!  To see the winning photograph, please visit uppermiddlepetrolhead.blogspot.com.au on Wednesday the 15th of April.



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