Random # 198: HZ Holden Premier

This HZ Holden Premier, photographed in inner-city Hobart on a gorgeous summer's day, was absolutely original, with no signs of modification, repaired crash damage, rust or anything but the lightest wear and tear.  The only deficit was the passengers' side rear door was missing the plastic strip that prevents door-to-door damage when parked beside other vehicles.  

Being a Premier, the car featured up-market extras like quad quartz-halogen headlights, front and rear bumper over-riders, fancier hubcaps and extra badging.  Inside, there were velour-trimmed bucket front seats, a T-bar auto shifter and a full console, as well as a higher-spec radio / cassette player.

The HZ was the last of a series of large six cylinder and V8 vehicles that included 1971 - 74's HQ, the HJ of 1974 - '76 and the HX, with a production run that spanned 1976 - 77.  The manufacture of HZs ended in 1980.  

All models from the HQ to the HZ shared the same basic body and range of variants (sedans, coupes, wagons, vans and utes) that were superseded by the Commodore line that began with 1978's VB after a short manufacturing overlap.  For further information, please refer to Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Holden_HZ).



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