Random # 192: Chevrolet Stationwagon (in Which UMPH Posits an Alternative Theory on American Car-Styling Whilst Simultaneously Defending Batman's Sexuality)

According to the owner of this magnificent Chev wagon, about one million of them were produced in the USA.  Sadly, they're now a bit of a rarity, making this example even more special.

A lot has been written about American car styling in the 1950s and 60s, with many people theorising links between the designers' penchant for tail-fins and the so-called Space-Race.  UMPH isn't so sure; he reckons there was something Gothic afoot, at least in the earlier manifestations of the style, as evidenced by the almost hearse-like profile of the car shown here and its horizontal, wing-like, rear fins. 

If that's not enough to for you to think this theory is at least plausible, consider the Batmobile. And not the ridiculous re-make Batmobiles, either!  The real one, driven by the one true Batman, Adam West!! 

Image result for original batmobile

Now, is this Gothic or a land-bound space ship?  It's Gothic.  It just is.  The name of Batman's home town, Gotham City, might just be a clue, too.

Image result for adam west as batman
This is Adam West and he is Batman.  Neither Ben Affleck, Val Kilmer, Christain Bale, George Clooney nor Michael Keaton  are, have been or ever will be Batman.  Adam West isn't Captain Kirk, either, further strengthening the case against the Batmobile being a space-ship.

The styling of this Chev isn't so removed from the Batmobile and is, therefore, arguably also Gothic.  And if Batman were a regular American family guy - and not Bruce Wayne, American playboy, philanthropist and owner of Wayne Enterprises - he would drive a Chev just like this one.    

Please note the hearse-like profile and the horizontal fins.

So please enjoy the rest of the photos of this Chev Batwagon.  Sorry!  Stationwagon.  It really was a sight to behold.  

Gothic or what?

Image result for bat symbol



All iPhone images.

PS:  There was nothing untoward 'going on' between Batman and Robin!  The 60s were a different time and there was nothing peculiar about having some young Dick (Grayson) around to stay!!

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