Random # 190: XC Ford Fairmont GXL Sedan

This lovely 4.9 litre (302 cubic inch) V8-powered Fairmont has got it all:  classic Coke-bottle styling, great condition, period features (a vinyl roof, mesh sun-visor and rear-window Venetians), as well as having been optioned-up with bonnet scoops and very classy factory-fitted alloy wheels.  The interior was luscious, too; the velour upholstery was unmarked, the dash wasn't cracked and the centre console set of the T-bar shift very nicely indeed.  

It was easily as good as the best example UMPH could find on the 'net when he was researching the model, matching it in specification and condition.  Have a look at this and see if he's wrong:  https://www.shannons.com.au/auctions/2007-shannons-sydney-summer-classic-auction/F5520FX7SD7YME18/ !



All iPhone images.

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